Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Poster Art of the Latino Comics Expo so far...

Three years ago I approached Javier Hernandez and Ricardo Padilla about designing the logo and poster for the first ever Latino Comics Expo(Full disclosure I am friends with Javier and have known him for years so it wasn't to difficult to get this gig.)

 After having lived in Mexico for almost 2 years on a Fulbright scholarship I was very excited about promoting Latino comic artist. Javier breathed a sigh of relief for the help and we started right away to get things rolling for a May show at the Cartoon Art Museum. The show was a modest hit and Ricardo and Javier saw the potential to do something important for Latino artists. Giving them a platform to connect with the public in a more concerted and unified way. 

Three years later and 4 shows under the belt here we are about to launch our fifth show. And since then I have taken on the official role of Graphic Designer for the Latino Comics Expo.  And we're happy to announce that our next show, LCX 2014, will be held at San Jose University with some special guests to be announced soon!

The inspiration for the poster came from a mask I had bought in the town of P√°tzcuaro during Dia de Los Muertos. The poster evolved into the four art pieces called Los Elementos which I am proud to say are sitting in the special collections at Stanford University Library

Below is the collection of Latino Comics Expo posters and the art that inspired them.
1st Poster Latino Comics Expo 2011
Original Art: Los Elementos Water
2nd Poster Latino Comics Expo 2012
Original Art: Los Elementos Earth

3rd Poster Latino Comics Expo 2013
Original Art: Los Elementos Earth
4th Poster LCX Los Angeles
Art by Rafael Navarro
Design by Jose Cabrera

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