Monday, February 24, 2014

GHOULA Posters so far...

Recently I've been working on some gig posters for friends. The first them being for the Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles GHOULA. My friend Rich Carradine heads up the organization which has been around for 5+ years. The last 2 posters where for Marionette shows trying to raise funds to for Bob Baker the award winning puppeteer.

But more recently I created a Poster for an up coming GHOULA event in March 2014 The Haunted Houdini Bus Tour:

Here is one I did in October 2013 "The Return of Strings that Go Bump in The Night":

This is the first one I did back in Sept 2013 "Strings that Go Bump in The Night":

There are more posters to come!

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