Friday, August 9, 2013

Post Comic Con 2013 wrap up

Jimmy, Alexia and moi after Comic Con!
Comic Con is 3 weeks behind us and this post is probably old news but there is a simple reason for my delay in posting about it. BURN OUT!!! We conventioneers tend to curse the 5 days of standing on our feet and by the fifth day we vow never to come back. My neighbor Paul Horn creator of Cool Jerk usually gets what he calls the Nerd Flu after SDCC. But here are the highlights of this years Comic Con 2013:
1) Got to table with my good buddy Jim Lujan animator extraordinaire. Great stuff is happening for him. He he just signed a TV deal and his animation Sanjourno Must Die debuted on RugBurn and is doing really well. More to come from Jim's rising star!
2) Having Paul Horn as my neighbor for the past 8 years (give or take a year)
3) Seeing Mark Gonyea selling his prints likes hotcakes!
4) One of my favorite guilty pleasure comics the Human Fly being brought back to life by editor Michael Aushenker
5) Watching Lonnie Millsap work his funny bone off. Hardest working man at Comic Con. First to arrive last to leave.
6) Meeting Keith Knight's beautiful baby boy Julian!
7) Hanging with Bill Plympton and watching him and Jim plot to take over the animation world.
8) and last but not least taking my daughter to her first Con!

Jim Lujan and Jose Cabrera! Tabling buddies!
My table neighbor for the last 8 years!
Paul Horn creator of Cool Jerk and his lovely wife Darlene!
Mark Gonyea Mr. "I sell posters like hotcakes"
Michael Aushenker editor of The Human Fly
Lonnie Millsap Rising Funny Man
Stan Yan Zombifying People
Keith Knight's minion 
Bill Plympton and Jim Lujan
Chiara's first Comic Con!

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