Monday, June 3, 2013

Latino Comics Expo 2013 San Fran Wrap Up

It was once again an amazing show curated by Ricardo Padilla and Javier Hernandez. The Cartoon Art Museum staff was also fantastic at how they helped the artists. The panels were wonderful and it was good to see familiar faces and new ones. Excited to finally have award winning animator Jim Lujan on board this year! The show, in its third year, is really turning out to be a class act and gaining momentum. I want to give props to Monica Campbell of NPRs The World for taking the time to interview many of the artists and giving them some exposure. And shout outs to Alfonso Vijil of Libros Latino, Mia Gonzalez of Encantada Gallery, Bird Levy Strain of Polu Manu Productions and countless others for being such a patrons of the arts. And how can you not love the city of San Francisco. Thank you! Next up for Latinos Comics Expo is LA August 17 and 18 2013.

Ricardo Padilla and Jim Lujan

Javier Hernandez, Michael Aushenker, Rafael Navarro, Daniel Prada
...continued Liz Mayorga and Jaime Crespo.
Javier Hernandez, Jose Cabrera and Rafael Navarro

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